How I got started with Blender | Podcast

Hey guys,

I just launched a podcast, which I was planning to do for a long time.

It is very special to me and it would be awesome if you decide to show some support.

The format is, I make an artwork every weekday and follow up 2 of those with a podcast episode. Basically, putting the time lapse in the background. That is, a bi-weekly show.

In this first episode I talk about:

x A little bit about the show.
x The initial spark that got me interested as a 12 year old kid.
x What made me stick.
x Thoughts on the Blender community.
x What’s going on with Blue Inversion these days.

I hope this doesn’t violate any forum rules. In fact I was confused which category to post this one. If this isn’t the right one, please educate me :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Hey, awesome man! :slight_smile: I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Where in India are you? :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much ! West Bengal :slight_smile:

hey i am too! I’ll send you a PM - check :slight_smile:

took a listen - please shorten the podcast. where is your ART? your artstation was nice n blank - Instagram had something - the shoe was nice! Really awesome! Nice to know that you use Linux :slight_smile: (haven’t heard that one yet).
OK, heard it - hey, check out BODHI Linux - - you might like it more than Mint :slight_smile: (it’s MUCH less resource hungry and you can insall Ubuntu software!).

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I think compared to most podcasts 25 mins is a pretty short podcast already, but I will keep it in mind to improve my skills. Also, I want it to be a laid back and more of an intimate show instead of a tutorial type of video where each minute needs a lot of educational value.

Here’s my personal ArtStation. The one you landed on is probably the Blue Inversion Studio account, which is yet in it’s works.

I have heard about BODHI Linux, thanks for the suggestion. It is really nice but the whole ecosystem surrounding Mint and the large and well maintained package manager is what made me stick. If I ever have an issue with system resources I will consider it.

Again, thanks for giving a listen and checking out the socials. Stick with me and I hope to polish my works. Take care. :slight_smile:


ALL 3D people have issues with system resources :smile:

The upside down tree was Brilliant, man! :slight_smile: Absolutely BRILLIANT! Which software? Was that Blender??!!!…Please put a link to THIS ArtStation somewhere then, that we can see (it’s 90% the same as the Instagram anyway, as I see…)

Also this one was fantastic, though I have seen stuff like this before: