How I met my dog

Hello everyone!

This is Andi with my newest work. It’s a Cartoon for “animal help marokko” (in german “Tierhilfe Marokko”)
Every 3D-Stuff is made in blender - so: the whole clip, except the cut, music and sound.

Hope, you like it :smiley:

Just had to say I really enjoyed watching that. Well done.

Thank you, Ryeath :smiley:

Great Job! That was very entertaining. I hope more people get the chance to see your videos.

Thank you, Atlantia - very nice :slight_smile:

Loved it, always nice to see a happy ending.


Awesome animation Zensurist! Loved the storytelling of it. It reminds me of me. I used to play video games all day on the computer and then a Golden Retriever puppy came into my life. I just lost him 2 months ago after being together for 9 years. Again awesome animation and storytelling for a good cause of helping animals find a home! How long did this project take you by the way?

Thank you speed 777777 :smiley:

And Thank you Bender_Mania! You have my condolences because of your dog.
It’s nice to read, that someone had a very similar
experience with his pet like my creation in the clip :slight_smile:

The project was made in about 7 months. But it was not the only thing I made in that time ^^.

Really well done. Enjoyed every single second!

Great great great! Thank you, Nathan.Ferguson :smiley: