How i use UPBGE experimentals

If you’re asking how to use experimental builds… They’re just like any other builds except they may or may not have more of a tensity to crash.
Just extract them like normal UPBGE releases and than run the software like normal.

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can i speed up my game using these experimentals.

I believe you would be better off sticking to the official releases, either for the 2.x series or the 0.3 alpha series. The experimental builds are probably the result of testing features and should be less stable and/or up to date, though Im not sure.

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how i drop frame time to 5.00
in upbge

Not unless it has something drastically enhancing like GPU skinning or the Vulkan port. :slightly_smiling_face:

Animation Frame Rate

Scene Frame Rate

There are also code functions in BGE API and/or BPY API.