How important is CPU for working with Blender?

Your current specifications are not bad at all.
The next time you have Blender performance problems or any kind of error in Blender, you should open a new thread to ask about it, and if possible share the problematic .blend file.
In some of the cases I believe that you could be facing Blender own performance limitations, and not due to current hardware.

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and another question…
Since your machine is surely an Optimus laptop. Are you sure your OS is working with nvidia card as primary display, instead of intel iGPU?
I don’t know what OS you have, I’m not sure how to see this in Windows. Maybe GPU-Z gives that information.

Please DON’T waste lots of money on a gamer PC!
I’m on an i7-3770 with an nVidia 970 and its absolutely fine. I have a Dell T7400 dual quad core Xeon box for rendering as well as another machine with an 8 core Xeon in but that wasn’t expensive. The Dell T7400 I upgraded to 32Gb RAM for just £23!
Check out Dell T5500 and similar series, gamers can’t see them because they have no LEDs on so they don’t buy them and the cost is low but you can get a dual hex core Xeon machine cheap.

Yes I’m using the NVidia card.

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