How important is it to align the bones to the world?

I have started to animate my model and during my searches for help I came across two commands.

  1. CTRL-A aligning bones to world and
  2. CTRL-N roll bone angles to normal

The impression I have got is that it is very important to do both these things before animating.

I have only got as far as setting up a walk cycle but before I go any further I wanted to know if I was going to have problems further down the track.

If I hit CTRL-A now his arms kind of go in to a wonky position.

A problem I do have now is that I can’t copy a flipped pose. Depsite doing the CTRL-N thing when I look at the axes some of them do not point in a consistent direction and I have no idea how to fix it. It only affects one bone in the arm and one in the leg so it is not difficult to shift them around after copying, just a little annoying.

  1. CTRL-A aligning bones to world

Not quite correct; it sets the current Rotation and Size values, in other words, it removes the rotation and scale histories.

If I hit CTRL-A now his arms kind of go in to a wonky position.

You may have to remove constraints before doing either Ctrl-A or Ctrl-N. It’s difficult to comment on these things without seeing the .blend so it would help if you could post it.


Hello again Fligh%,

here is a link to a zipped copy of my blend file (there is also a .png for his UV mapping)

Thanks for all your help with this thing so far.

Sorry, I removed the file as I have pretty low bandwidth limits on my host (it’s really an email host) and it turns out, if you read the next post, there isn’t anything to be learned from the file if you downloaded it anyway.

When I Ctrl-A only the arms do the whoop-de-doodle, nothing strange in the legs. And the reason is because you already have it animated. You’re supposed to do those 2 commands before Keying actions.
Anyhow, the animation seems to be fine and the whole walkcycle (except for the sliding feet) seems to work just fine.


Cool thanks for having a look at it.

I was just concerned after reading the comment about needing to do CTRL-A in an earlier post that it might be something that would mean I would have to redo any ‘saved’ cycles I might make later.

So before I went any further I thought I should find out what the situation was. Luckily for me it seems I don’t need to worry.

I know the feet are sliding about at the moment, its on my ‘to do’ list but I haven’t googled about for a solution yet as I suspect that when I tidy the walk cycle up a little it may just solve itself… hopefully :slight_smile: