How is Blender so powerful?

I ask after comparing two python-based programs on a slow computer: Blender and Gimp. Even though blender can do SO MUCH MORE and more complex scenes, Gimp remains slower, by a lot. I ask you, HOW???

Well, Gimp indeed feels like Python coded because its filters are slow compared to another excellent, free gfx editor called
Gimp and Blender are programmed by C-language and they both support Python scripts. They do different things so dont compare their speeds.

Why not compare them? Blender can make an animation with models made up of tens of thousands of polys, have hair coming off the character who is sitting next to a pool of reflective water; and, whether one wants to edit, sculpt, paint, animate, control in-game, etc it transitions and runs remarkably fast.

In Gimp however, you so much as scroll down on a simple image and it lags.

So from a programmer’s point of view, how is Blender (something that can do basically everything bigger than life) so much faster than Gimp (something that gets all jumpy when you’re just viewing a simple image?)

Blender’s Node Editor image manipulations are also slow, I think even Gimp is much faster than Blender in fx effects area (blur, brightness/contrast and all those filters).

Why not compare them?

Because you cannot compare them. Gimp cannot edit polygons.

Gimp is slow…that is why I unloaded it. I bought Paint Shop Pro back in the 90’s and I still love it… It doesn’t do all that Gimp does, but the interface was easy for me to figure out…I think there are still version of PSP out there. You just keep using it until you feel like buying it. Blender. of course, is Genius.