How is it done? ( 3rd Person Setup )

I’m trying to use this cam setup with my character but don’t know where to start. When I remove all the Action Actuators, the character can’t even mover.

Parent the camera to the character. PlayerBase would be good enough.

But when the Cam change positions ( mouselook ) I want my character to turn to where my cam view is at.

Change the direction of the character not the direction of the camera. As the camera is parented to the character, the camera will follow the character.

I was just working on this today. its a way of using a mouse script to control individual bone movement. The soldier is not mine for those of you who play halo:evilgrin: …Im not done yet but feel free to take a look

To Monster:

What you mean by “Change the direction of the character not the direction of the camera” ? The file that I uploaded was not done by me… and I don’t know about scripting. I notice something that when I rotate the box that the Armature is parented too, the cam does not rotate. I tried to recreate it and the cam rotates together with the box. How is it done? Maybe thats what you mean?

Yes this is what I meant. The camera rotates and moves with the box when the box changes. All childs of a parent get the same transforms of the parent (rotation, translation, scale).

if you have this:
parent: box
childs: camera, armature
Both children will rotate when the box is rotated. It is eaier to see in the outliner with outline view.