How is it?


My pc wants to kill itself

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Nice looking, can we see the clay render? This looks Photorealistic,well done

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Can you explain to me what is a clay render?
Edit: it would take a long time beacause i have around 190 materials

It’s basically the Ambient occlusion pass, easily achievable using the Compositor tab . It’s not necessary for you to show it though,i was just Saying …

Oh ok thanks ill try it

Yeah clay render would be really nice
If this is 3d it’s a photorealistic landscape that’s for sure :wink:

This is really really nice! The colors and materials look very convincing. The one thing that can be improved is the water. In my opinion the displacement scale is too small and should show smaller detailed variations including some waves/bubbles etc. When you look at the ocean from an airplane it doesn’t look so smooth

You are right lol, next time ill add particles and stuff

If you can replicate this white water effect then I think that would be convincing enough to push this over the top. I mean, the colors are already 99.99999% looking like the real thing.
If you want to get realllllly nit-picky, I would say maybe add some trees growing on the face of the cliff facing the water. The edge is a little lonely now.

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Omg, thank you for The idea it loooks like this beacause luxcore renderer.

That’s awesome,
could you show us a screenshot of the viewport?

When i get home, i am curently on a trip for another 2 days

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Omg thank you so much

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