how is my beetle??

hi guys, i am blender (or for that matter CG) n00b. i have been using blender for the past 6 months or so.
this is not my first, but i guess my best work so far. this model was made from scratch with the help of a blueprint from it was done entirely in blender and even rendered using the internal renderer.

tell me what u guys think of it, and what more (or less) i need to do.


Hi anuraag.

Let me be a little hard on the critic (I’m also a newby).
I think that it’s very hard to model a car without good skills in modelling. IMO you have been cheaky.

To be more specific:
The wall needs some volume effect. You have to use a bump map
Can you post the wired mesh? It looks squared instead of rounded. If you didn’t use subsurf, you should or maybe you subsurfed but you have to increase the number for rendering.
Also the smooth option have to be used
You have to improve the close surfaces so they match to each other smoothly (for instance the door surface seems to have had a crash)


I have to agree with opinador, your car mesh is a bit rough and the material settings need some work, but at the same time, this is a great first work if you’re new to Blender or 3D art in general. Keep it up!

If you can provide a wireframe, it can help us help you fix some problems in your mesh. If you’re not sure how to do that, you should conect to and come chat with us in #blenderchat … we’ll be more than happy to help you out there.


The textures you have going on are amazing, the only crit i have is that most of the edges are jagged, they dont seem to fit well. The reflections on the car are good, it seems like the textures fit there, the walls just need some nor mapping, and you’ll be good, the tires look a little flat, and the wheels are a little dull, but for a noob effort, you’re definately farther along than most. Keep it up, you’ve got the potential to make it photoreal.

Hmm, yeap, as others have pointed out, there’s something wrong with the subsurfing. Either you have alot of triangles in your mesh (which is bad) or then you have turned Simple Subdividing on. So yar, please post your wireframe.

If you problem is the first one, you might be in somewhat big troubles, as triangles are not that easy to fix and it will take alot of time, because it looks like there are many of 'em.

If it’s the Simple Subdiv one, the solution is quite easy. Just change the Simple Subdiv to Catmull-Clark from the Modifiers panel.

It looks good. The front seems to be a little off from what I remember a beetle to be. Maybe another closer look at some reference pics will help there.

Always remember that you don’t have to use subsurf subdividing. A high poly mesh will always look better then a low poly one subsurfed. You’ll also have greater control with a high poly mesh provided that you can get your head around it :wink:

From the look of the front of the car it looks like you’ve gone for a lo poly approach. If you’re looking for realism and don’t care about a hi poly count then I’d recommend subdividing the mesh and smoothing out the curves around the bonnet and make the front lights a true circle. It’d also be a good idea to have an indent around the lights. Just a small one about half a centimetre or so. The Light is slotted into a hole in the mesh in real life so you have to try and make it seem that way here.

I wouldn’t worry about the background until you have the car model finished. Right now what you have serves its purpose for showing off reflections and so on.

The texture for the orange lights at the front could also do with some work and again an indent around those too. And remember when using smoothing always toggle the auto smooth on. For that mesh I’d recommend a value around 35 but you’ll probably have to fiddle with it a bit to get it just right.

Looks fantastic compared to what I was doing after just 6 months :smiley:

thanks everyone for their feedback.

the model is a low poly with catmull-clarck subdiv, i intend to use the low poly for gta san andreas as and when the blender plugin for export to the game is out.

i will be begining another model with all the experience that i have now (it’s still in months tough…)

by the way, fareton, are u indian? i am doing a model of maruti 800…can u tell me where i could get blueprints for other indian cars??