How is my Retopology?

I have been working on this model for the Unreal Engine 4. I just finished retopology on it, have no triangles or N-gons but was worried about a few things. Here is a comparison of the model before and after retopology.

What worries me is I have these incredibly convoluted long edgeloops all over the model. This particular one goes around the ear, over each toe, and into the mouth.

Is this OK? If not how do I break these loops without introducing triangles?
Assuming this is alright, What should be my next step? Should I sculpt out detail from multires or is it fine to just start rigging it?

Here is a link to my blend file (Pasteall), If you have any additional advice or feedback I would really appreciate it.


it looks solid, but I think you could get by with quite a few less polygons.