How is the performance of GTX 660 compare ti GTX 560ti

My GTX 560ti card is dead, so i planned to replace that as GTX 660 i want to know the performance of that card, and my another confusion is GTX 660 support PCI 3.0 slot but my mother board have PCI 2.0 slots, PCI 3.0 board compatible with PCI 2.0 ?

PCI 3.0 board compatible with PCI 2.0 ?

Yes, is backward compatible.
The GTX 660 is slower than 560Ti, you the Ti version too, take a look:

Cheers, mib

@ @mib2berlin thanks for you suggestion, my GPU GTX 560ti is still under warranty, but the company not have any stock, so they suggested some models to choose.
GTX 570, GTX 650, GTX 650TI, GTX 660. which model can i choose? but for slow render now is ok, in future any improvement get in 600 series GPU?

i upgraded to a set of twin 660s in SLI a while ago. the SLI doesn’t really help cycles any, but the 660 has roughly twice the CUDA cores of the 560, so you could say that its a good render speed improvement.

Hi, the fastest is the GTX 570 but iirc it was only 1280 MB and VRAM is also very important.
If you are ok with 1.3 GB I would take this card.

Cheers, mib

@ @mib2berlin i think 1GB is not enough for HDRI, my GTX 560ti always shows CUDA error when ever i load a HDRI image, so i planned to choose GTX 660, not sure the GTX 570 fit with my cooler master elite 310 cabinet.

Can’t you get a GTX750 or GTX750TI ?
These cards are fast, get 2GB VRAM and are really inexpensive (in terms of price and consumption)
The 750Ti can even tickle the GTX570 in some cases.

From the nVidia specs, I would say the 660GTX claims to be faster than the 560TI. The 560TI only has 384 cuds cores. The 660GTX has 960 cuda cores. Across the board it seems to be better in every way. It also has double the memory. 1GB is really not enough to do complex work in Cycles so having the 2GB memory space will certainly help.

If we take a look at the 750TI specs we see that is has only 640 cuda cores. The 660GTX still wins.

Hi Atom, you cant compare core numbers between different Nvidia series, look in my benchmark sheet in my first post.
The newer cards are always faster on gaming but not Cuda performance.
GTX 750 is the new Maxwell core, much faster than GTX 660.
The GTX 600 need less power and are smaller, the only advantage of this cards.
@AnandhaRaja, the GTX 570 is really a big and hot card, it is may better to go for 660.

Cheers, mib

Thanks for the info, I did not realize the series shift caused such a performance increase. Nice to know I do like the fact that the 750TGX uses less wattage.

Thanks For your suggestions i ordered GTX 660.
@ Atom i think you using the GTX 600, how is the performance , its handle HDRI?

My system with GTX 660 won’t boot, no power for keyboard and mouse, what the problem? without GPU system works fine.

Hi, is your power supply sufficient ? Did you plugged everything right ? Double check sometimes fix everything.

yes i using Corsair GS 600 SMPS, everything connected correctly processor fan , GPU fan running but system refuse to boot. with GPU system won’t boot and i try to switch off the system using Power button it give beep sound, without GPU no beep sound.

The nVidia cards do require dual power connections. The first time I installed one I encountered the same issue. I thought my system was dead, and it was, until I connected the second power cable to the card.

what do you mean about second power cable? i don’t understand

There is no second power cable on the GTX660, Atom is remembering wrong I think. It’s not all nvidia cards that require two power connections and the GTX660 is one of them.
Have you tried to re-installing the card on the motherboard?

I don’t know if there is some version WITHOUT supplemental power connector, but the Nvidia website indicates a 6-pin connector needed for GTX660.

@ ATom there is no second power cable, My GPU works fine in other MB’s, Anyway sent the mother board to RMA.

Yes ONE is needed, but not two as Atom suggested :slight_smile: