How is the topology? Good enough for a game model? Would it pass inspection?

I used exoside for doing the retopology. After exoside was done I then had to cut out parts of the head and do it by hand. The tri count is about 11k.

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Hey that’s lookin pretty good! My first instinct is that it should be a little lower poly for a game, but that’s probably just me being an old fogey, modern game engines and computers are insane.

The legs and tail have slightly too many edges compared to the rest of the body. Remove some going in the z axis for the legs. It’s ok to triangulate and terminate some vertices To achieve this.

I used exoside’s vertix painting to adjust the legs. I’ll have to redo the head parts. Should I do the same for the horn? Tris are now 6.7k

Exoside failed at lower density for the horn then what is in the screen shot here. Part of the horn has to be done manually, because it turned out bad. This is because of the sculpt mesh.

You’re in good shape now. Technically there might still be a bit more than is strictly necessary but your time is not best spent trying to optimize every last triangle. Any game engine will handle that perfectly fine.

thank you for the feedback. It was the answer I was hoping to find, giving me the ok to use exoside rather than manual.