How is this done?


This is image is from the Justice DVNO music video and I’m just wondering if it is possible to achieve something similiar in Blender?

Sorry for the low quality.

In particular, how could you achive a similiar “glow” effect from the text? Also they seem to have a reflective plane but also a type of radial background color?

If you want to view the specific part of the video you can see it here its def worth a watch.

The segment in particular is at 01:20


Interesting. I have no excitement about the effect itself but trying to make it in blender is a challenge. This has potential so I am posting it to give you ideas. I know it’s not perfect.

This is a simple composite of two renders. One render layer is the lettering (extruded 0.2 and beveled slightly, green, with emit=0.75) sitting on top of a black reflective ground plane (mir=0.1). It is lit with a hemi pointing straight down from above and a rectangular area light (X=3.4,Y=.03) with a dist=1 and placed directly in front of the lettering. (Think of a long fluorescent green tube.)

The glow is alone on the second render layer and is a subdivided line with halo turned on. That is full on green for the lettering, halo emitter, skinny area light, and hemi.


I know, at some point somebody is going to post something that actually looks like what you want. I made the text slightly translucent and moved my light tube inside the text (note the tweak in the descender of the ‘N’ where the tube passes through.) The reflection is completely faked by dup’ing and inverting the text, giving it a strong green emit, and putting a plane between the 2 blocks of text with a blend texture mapped to alpha. There is no compositing in this render.

It’s kind of fun playing around with the light tube.