How is this done?

Hi guys, I was on a tutorial last night and I saw a screenshot of something I’ve seen done before but never knew how to do. The screenshot will be posted below and you’ll probably know which part I’m talking about.

Basically, the picture has the model, but then on top of it there is what appears to be a diagram of the main topology of the model on top of it. Is this some sort of photoshop effect or can it actually be done in Blender?

I messed around with duplicating the object, scaling up a bit and adding a wireframe material but that did not seem to create the same effect as the picture below. So I’ll just go and post it.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s from this tutorial (which is one of the best IMO):

As to what you’re referring to with the “effect”, I have no clue. Not sure what you mean.

Turn on wire display. In the properties panel you may want to also select All Edges. If you have a subdivision Surface modifier you may also want to enable ‘Optima Display’ in the modifier settings.

If you want to show the wireframe in your render you can use the Render Wireframe addon from this addon bundle or


I think you are referring to wire frame rendering in cycles.
Check out this tutorial
It shows several method. Also, the material for this kind of render is available on blendswap as well.

Thanks guys for the quick replies :slight_smile:

Safetyman: I know which tutorial :stuck_out_tongue: I was reading the tutorial :smiley:

Richard: Thanks for your response, that seems to be the closest thing I can find to that image :stuck_out_tongue:

Dukejib: That seems an interesting tutorial, I’ll take a look! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks bat, I found a way though to actually make wireframe renders without using any addons at all. I’ll link the tutorial now