How is this possible?

Hi guys, recently while surfing on turbosquid I’ve stumbled upon this guy called iljujjkin, looks like to me he can upload regularly some pretty highly detailed models without a problem. So I was wondering since I can’t even remotely compare to this guy in terms of speed modeling what’s the deal here? Is this account ran by multiple people or is the guy too good, what’s his secret? You can even notice on one of his camera models that has been uploaded somewhere in middle October that it was made rather pretty fast given that there hasn’t past too much time between last and next model in the hierarchy.

Please share your thoughts and knowledge down below. I would gladly appreciate any answer. I wanna learn as much as possible.

Modern modeling technology allows you to get everything done far faster than say, what you had 20 or even 10 years ago.

Try modeling a complex mechanical object in Blender 2.78 and then try the same thing in 2.49, you’ll find a big difference in how fast you work.

Thank you for answering man, my opinion was similar to yours. I did mention possibility of multiple people behind that account, but I don’t suspect that as much as I suspect that he’s a really talented and experience modeler who probably has developed his own workflow and even tools for modeling which means that he’s also versatile when it comes to scripting/writing add-ons.

shill post?


Actually no, as you can clearly see the person has no problem making money? I actually thought he was kinda popular and known among 3D artists since he’s good quite a lot models that definitely take an average modeler a lot of time to model. I don’t get it where does he get the energy to do so.

To be clear all I wanted was to find out what is his workflow and to learn something from him if he is only one person behind that account making and uploading that stuff.