How it is with IOR?

I think, that refraction indexes aren’t as realistic as they should be. I tried to render drinking glass with IOR 1.5 (it should be IOR of glass) and put ball into it. I rendered it in indigo, but the ball in the glass is really deformated and it is not realistic :mad:. And also there are not any caustics. Actually I’m working with Indigo only few days


Are the IORs really bad or am I stupid?
What am i doing wrong?! :confused: :confused:

There is .blend file (224KB):

There is .xml file (160KB):

There is .png picture of it (437KB) - from Indigo 5 after cca 15 mins:

I’ve found IOR here:

Please, help me.

Now that sounds strange to me…Indigo is entirely based on simulating real lighting behaviour. In fact, you actually can’t even disable caustics since they are implemented in the algorithm. However, I’m not sure what you mean since the picture doesn’t load for me (and I don’t have Indigo downloaded at the moment - not that it would matter since the .blend file loads incredibly slow, too).

So, since the IOR value looks right to me, I’d say it might be actually correct the way it looks. I doubt that Indigo would render such an “unrealistic” render - judging from all the works floating around here and on their site. I’ll try to take another look later on but maybe someone else can verify in the meantime, too…

2 things:

  1. Get a real image host,, etc.
  2. A 5min. indigo drinking glass render ROFLOL!!!

Seriously you are either a genius, lucky, or somthing is really wrong if you could can make a real render that fast in indigo.

I just can’t download ANY of your files. They all get qround 45/5’% and just stop there. You might want to upload them somwhere else.

I was fortunate enough to get the image fully loaded after several tries. Here it is.
Perhaps he accidently set a negative IOR?

You can set a negative IOR in Indigo (not through Blender’s GUI, right)?

And yeah, it does look strange…hard to judge what’s going on there…
I just turned off Auto Smooth and Set Smooth. And I Set it Solid. It looks much better now. I’m sorry for bad quality of render.

Dude, please re-host. I have broadband and the image is about 1/8 loaded as I write this.

[Edit] Finally loaded after re-loading the page many times. Here it is…

same here

Kind of strange O_o
(Thanks to Junkie for re-uploading the image, btw!)

If you look at it now, it seems okay, and even the shadow of the glass is now transparent (as you would expect it to be). And you only disabled Set Smooth? Sounds very weird…if this is not a known limitation of Indigo, someone over there at their forums (or any other epxert here) should take a look at the .blend file and see what was going on there.

i dont know, why it takes so long to load the image, i tried it on other comouters and it was normal. in chzech rep. there are no problems. what about my czech wepage, is it slooow too? if you’ve got problems with loading, i’ll re-host.

i downloaded it form, but i think it could be bad model. i also noticed, that indigo xml file with set smooth has different size than xml file with set solid.