How it was made?

Hi all:)
I have question to this movie
In 00:23 for example there is some effects.
How it was made?
It is textured plane linked to camera?
How made this blur effects?Or it is some kind of glass?

It looks like a projection on a sphere. But it is not just a spherical projection. It might be both first a projection on a hexagonal grid, later a spherical projection.

I think this is some kind of PixelShader.

The True is that I want to make something similar to this one

If I can use something to blur texture on face it is great:)

I mean i wan’t make only one model not a animation.
One face one color,very simple.More faces more colors more aproximated photo(textured)

Could you give me some more info about pixel shader?
I am completely new in bge:)