How limited is texture paint by memory?

I’ve had an object that’s around 200k polygons and was able to use texture paint to paint on various images into a 4096x4096 texture, and it worked fine.

I’m trying the same technique on a 700k polygon version of the model and I’ve got problems. Whenever I’m in Texture Paint mode and trying to paint on the object the circle brush just stops wherever I click. It stays there regardless of where I move the mouse as long as I have the LBM pressed. I thought maybe with this many polygons it might take a while, but it doesn’t ever move.

The texture I’m trying to stencil to and the texture I’m trying to clone from are both 4096x4096.

Is this problem due to memory constraints on my computer? I’m using Blender 2.62 (64bit) and running Windows 7 (64bit) with 12 GB Ram. If it matters, my processor is Intel Core i7 x 980 @ 3.33Ghz.

Thanks for any help

Is there somewhere else to go for tech support?

It’s not exactly the texture paint that you are having problems with, I don’t think. Blender generally does not handle high poly counts well, and starts to bog down near 230k polys. That being said, I did have a 2million poly object in Blender and it did… well okay. In object mode this count doesn’t seem to bother it. In an edit mode (other than sculpting) you really take a hit. I would assume the lag is from ray casting so that Blender knows where to place the texture, but this is just a guess. Hopefully some optimizations in this area of polygon handling, selection and painting will be addressed at some point in time.

I’ve had to split the object into two objects and texture paint them separately. Then I can join the two objects into one (which also joins the UV map) and apply the resulting texturemap to the joined object. That seems to work, although it would be nice if this problem were fixed.