How long did it take all of you?

At first, I was going to make a forum thread asking how long it takes to create an incredible still image, after providing some examples I thought were “'incredible”.

This is a better idea:

Post a picture of something you did (something you’d probably provide on these forums anyway) and tell me how long it took you from beginning to the final render.

I’m an “analog” artist who has almost no experience with 3D rendering and would really like to, need to, know how long it takes to create realism/detailed stylized work in Blender.

Also, if you could say how long it takes from knowing very little about Blender to at the level of “realism” it’d be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This took me around 4-6 hours to do.

And as for learning, it depends on what else you have to do, I was in school and swamped with a bunch of other stuff, I got blender around 2 years ago and this is one of the better things I came up with lately, but all it takes is learning how to use blenders god forsaken GUI, hahaha

Learning how to texture models helps, too.

Anywhere from one to a few days for me, some artists may take weeks making an image.

a whole month. Begun with blender 2004 august. 5 years experience with 3d. But I do very little.

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one week…
would probably take less now, i’d say 3 days

This took 3 hours modeling, 1 hour texturing and 45 minutes rendering.
But it took 2 years for yafray to become available so that it could be rendered it with it :).

I had been using Blender for 3-4 months before attempting this.

I think it took around 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. I was constantly tweaking things, couldn’t get them “just right” so I stopped with this.

24 hours for the tank, 24 hours for the ornithopter.

one day.

six months:


Six months and a crew of 5 artists working overtime. And that doesn’t count the new features coded into the software by the other half dozen individuals or so working behind the scenes. :slight_smile:

1 day exactly:

approximately one day as well:

macouno u must have been siting by blender all day doing that city scene lolz, that looks like a lot longer then a day to make

If you have heard that 3d is easier to those who sculpt and draw, it’s true. Back in the late 90’s it took me weeks to learn my way around 3d software. Then after doing some tutorial, days to model and render a basic product display scene. I modeled my first 3d toon character in few days. We used Tri’s back then. Today subdivision modeling, edge loops and transformation gizmos make 3d modeling fairy easy. The trick is to really get used to point and face modeling with basic useful shapes. If you have never drawn a character by hand or sketched out a floor plan don’t worry. You will learn how to create precision 3d models with practice.

Lighting, texturing, etc are also not much a problem if you come from an artistic or photography background. I would suggest learning a bit about art and photographic composition. You may even get to the point where you need architectural techniques, human figure photos, makeup artistry tips, books on plants, animals, etc.

Cool stuff for a few days work. I have been working on a product display set for a month among other task. The job has many details and details take time. In fact the project would take months to complete but I only need camera shots of the set exterior and a few rooms. Some folks don’t know but you can block out building shapes, windows, pillars, arches, stairs, etc. quite fast once you learn the methods.

one hour:
one weekend:
one year:








… ah, forget it. You know what I mean…

My best project so far, my movie Me(n)tal Flesh, took me around 3,5-4 months to do:

Took me 20 min. Maybe less. Which I might be able to do for hours using a 2d app.

Best part is I can rotate it and view it in any angle I want. Btw, this is just meant
to be used as an avatar to signify “doodling”. :wink: It’s supposed to be an exaggerated

This one was about a month in the making. It would have gone a lot faster but it was the first time the crowds were attempted. Now crowds are relatively easy; with Vue and Ecosystems.
Of course the people are DAZ and Poser People. Each of those figures took someone several weeks to build. Most of them were scanned in from live models and tweaked. Even with the extra help it was a difficult scene that had to be composited because the computer was so overloaded. Fortunately it was rendered on a distributed network.

Both about 2 months (each):

With 3D alone I’ve got about 2-3 years of experience atm…