How long did you take you to become production ready 3d/2d artist?

I want to get a good idea of how much time I will be spending trying to become production ready.

  • Disclaimer, I do not work in a VFX/Game Studio

It honestly depends, Where are you currently at in your skill level (Do you have any experience?, are you coming from a traditional 2D background or totally new to everything?).

The only thing that really matters is your portfolio.

Starting from zero I would say if you bust your butt and really work every single day for hours and put your work up to be criticized and learn from the advice. I think you should be able to have a decent portfolio with about 5-10 of your best images (nothing subpar). You should be able to get an entry level job within 2 years. IMO.

Its really all about your work ethic.

Too vague a question. You have to reformulate it by including what you want to do and what situation you’re in. 3d/2d artist is as vague and general as it gets.

To narrow down my question. I would like to work as a 2d/3d artist making game models. I want to work freelance and part time. Currently I have learned digital 2d with Matt Kore on ctrl plus paint. I watched the free videos on foundation skills, and also paid for the videos that teach drawing, rendering, color and also design.

I learned some basics with blender using paid videos on CGCookie. I can use blender, but not good at it yet.

I am currently studying human anatomy, so I can draw then model human characters. Human characters is my biggest goal. Creatures is my second goal, with animals in my 3rd goal. Currently in human anatomy I just learned the artist perspecticve muscles of the arm. I need more practice with the hand then I will move onto the leg.

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Sounds like you are well on your way. Keep doing what you’re doing.

I don’t think it will be long before you are good enough. Sounds like you’re doing everything just perfect.

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thank you, I feel a little bit safer from hearing that.

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