How long does it take to get a post approved??

I posted a new topic and I’ve been waiting like 6 hours for it to be approved :frowning:

it’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just that we don’t trust you. :slight_smile: It’s getting very hard to tell the difference between people and spammers these days. Once we’re sure you’re a human non-spammer, you’re good to go.

Be sure to press Shift-F5.

Didn’t take me no minutes or hours. I guess the wonderful moderators know that I’m not out to spam no-one.

No approval needed, try reposting.

Where was it to, btw? If the gallery, it’s just that you can’t actually post new threads there.

yeah i wasnt aware u needed to have your posts approved by the nazis i mean moderators sorry guys

You compared the mods to nazis? Not only is that the best way to get in their good side, it’s also the best way to win internet discussions!

lol thats a great link and i was just messing around with calling them nazis in all reality i have never had a problem with the mods on this forum they actually seem to be reasonable people

I posted a link to a tutorial in the Tutorials section and received a message that moderator approval was required. For Tutorials, I think that makes sense … but that was 5 days ago and still no result … I also note that no new threads in the tutorials section has been created in this time so I think the mods must be on vacation … which is all good.

The tutorials section is the only section where posts must be approved. I can’t tell you any more than that because I don’t work with that section.

The moderators speak! This is a major breakthrough we only thought they watched and controlled us from afar. They must be becoming bolder!

Jk Plant don’t ban me please

lol its like your doing a special on the animal planet “the moderators are getting bolder now they seem to be attacking the trolls more frequently now and there attacks are much more vicious they usually consume the troll within just a few minutes” better watch out vincimus they might start hunting in packs soon

We have nice moderators here :slight_smile:

Yeah nice furry moderators.

And as said above, Tutorials will get moderated (and approved or declined) on no set timescale. It just happens when it does.

Being silly is not a banning offense around here. What kind of forums have you been going to?

Do the mods work in just one section of forum topics? ex. I have seen Plant and Oto in the GE sections but nowhere else.

Most mods have preferential sections, yes.

PlantPerson and OTO were especially brought in to deal with the GE sections.

Of course, every moderator can act on the whole forum.