How long does it take you?

Generally how long does it take you guys to make a 3d model?

Just for rendering with?

Obviously it depends what it is but I’d love to hear some examples of work you done just thrown out.

i’m making my first model in blender now, but before blender i used 3Ds Max, never completed any model with it because of getting bored with it or max screwed up my files (happened a lot with me…)
on my current model it took me around 1/1.5 hr to get the general shape blocked out and some redefining on it…

You’re right! It does depend! Any one could make a model in less than a second, a cube, or it could take them months, like some giant space ship! It all depends on the model and your experience.
If you must now, I modeled a semi-detailed tank a while ago (which you can download here) and it took me about 10 hours