How long has blender been 'round for?

I was just wondering how long blender has been around for, and I’m looking for some history on it. Thanks to anyone that knows these things.

Here’s a start, at least.

For some more recent development history there’s also this

Also, to me, Blender really came into its own with the 2.5x major-overhaul of its user interface. I personally think that this is when Blender really became plainly visible as a tool to be reckoned with, not a quirky-but-powerful tool that was in love with the Ctrl and Alt keys. It’s always been rather amazing to me for the amount of functionality that it packs into an extremely small footprint. Really a poster-child for what open-source software development can do, and a tremendous foot-in to the world of 3D graphics for anyone anywhere. It’s come a long way.

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