How long have you all been Blendering?

I was just wondering how much experiance you fellow Blender Heads have at, well, blendering. Thanks :smiley:

///Sorry if this question has been asked a thousand time before, but I looked, so, if it has been asked before, I’d like one of the moderators to cover it up for me :wink: ///

I’ve gotton blender DL’ed back at the beginning of May. I found it when I was trying to find detailed game design info at and saw someone’s comment about using blender.

Couple of years :smiley:

I found blender on TFN fanfilms

Well, that depends on what constitutes blendering, to paraphrase a (in-)famous american president;) If you’d ask me how long I’ve been meddling (for lack of a better word) with Blender - or since I first installed it on my computer, had a look at the interface, freaked out, and uninstalled it(all in roughly 10 mins time) I’d say around version 1.70. Don’t remember exactly the version number. Then I’ve checked back on the blender-site from time to time. But the first time I seriously attempted to make something with blender was after the 2.30 ui-makeover. Looked so purrrty I just had to do something with it:)

The poll options are quite useless really, I haven’t been blending for a couple of months, or a couple of years.

Just one year, and I’m 19.

Since February 2000. Version 1.72 (C-key days). I found it in a magazine, which had BeOS 5.0 on its CD, plus a few BeOS programs, including Blender. Fortunately there was also a Windows build, which I could use. Grew up on IceMan’s tutorials :slight_smile: Ahh the good old days!


First time I used Blender was on June 2000 (v1.8). I joined the community on November 2001, so I’ve been here for a while…

a few days before i came here i picked up blender. this is what ive done in that time:

im 19 been blendeing about 6-7 months, heres my latest work WIP

link(scroll down):
oh yeah im working on blendeing tony soprano now :wink:

a couple of years. i started just before NaN went out. i found blender on google.

yea, i’ve been around since back in the day when the c-key was trotting along. prolly 1.75… i got it on my old computer still… should start it up and see… maybe i have a long lost version eh? haha
… I have been around for a looooong time and I still suck!!

Found it on fall 1999 while being tired of the free copy of Truespace 2 I got with a magazine.

I first had a look somewhere around 2.26 (is that even a version? I just know it was post-2.25, foggy memories of a download page back-referencing to the version with the game engine intact)

… but I (as Bellorum said) freaked out and backed away (I’d hoped to have something to play with to kill a couple of hours, but it seemed it would take at least that long to get anything out of the beast…)

to the point: I’d say I’ve been dabbling in blender for about 2-3 months now, maybe a couple of hours a month. But in the last two weeks I’ve actually played with it a little every day. so, not sure what you’d call that. %|

Coming to a year this November. So about 11 months of blending, and getting better.


I found Blender about 4 years ago. I only started using it seriously about 2 years ago, when I joined elYsiun. As you can tell, I try to cut down on the spam as much as possible, hence so few posts in that timeframe. I frequently visit elYsiun, just don’t post unless my input will be worth it.

Haven’t made any big projects, but with all these new awesome features coming to Blender, I seriously want to get back into doing that again, although I have no ideas (actually I have one idea, I just need skill).

Wow, thanks for the replys guys :slight_smile:

So, after reading the posts, it seams that it’s more important to spend houndreds of hours a month (like me :wink: ), then spend the hours over time.

Well, I’ve been Blending since May 10 >>>I put it down on my calender: must have known it was special :smiley:

'bout eight months,

like so many people, i looked at the ui, freaked, and backed out.

since the end of the summer, ive been progressing rather quickly…

so in real blending, bout three months

im thirteen…


I started using blender at v2.22 or around that. Almost 3years ago I think…gosh I can’t really remember when…I think it was december 2001 during my holidays…well I remember finding blender when I was playing the game freespace1&2. On volitionwatch website, there was a tutorial on how to create a spaceship model and the tutorial was pointing to blender as a modelling program. seeing I couldn’t go nowhere than a crappy space ship…I closed it and “lost it” on my hd for some months…and yea I think I reopenned it during my xmas holidays and since then, well you know I’ve been blending alot :stuck_out_tongue:

got it in may 2003 i dont even remember where.
and i joinned elysiun. in november 2003.
here is my first post:
sadly i lost the blend in a hd format.

when did 2.25 come out?
i started around then