How long have you used the Game Engine?

So as the subject line states,

How long have you?

About one month for me.

About five years, but the first 2 or 3 were just playing around with physics, like simulating a bunch of dominos falling and then rendering that with blender internal. Then I started putting textures on to things, setting up realtime lights, and it looked like a real game! I’ve been hooked ever since.

Been about 6 years or more?

time flies :stuck_out_tongue:

My first foray into the BGE was 12 years ago with Blender 2.33. I ended up making several projects that could be considered in a completed state and continued off and on use until switching to Godot one and a half years ago.

In my opinion, the biggest challenge facing the BGE right now is getting the code cleaned and modernized to the point where random things don’t break between versions (even if there was almost no engine development). If that can be done and things just worked, then the chances of retaining various users would go up significantly (I’m talking about the master version here, as UPBGE makes no guarantee that you have the latest in Blender features).

For me it’s around 2 years passed. However, in beggining I was more using Cycles than BGE. I was learning 3D by itself then. Seems that I’m one of the least experienced folks here:D

I used BGE more frequently between 2006-2009 (10 years ago). Most of the work I’ve done in BGE (past 2009) has been for on/off prototyping and experimentation.

since 2.34 :ba:

Almost 1 year exactly. When I first got into game development, I used Unity and Sketchup, and than Cryengine and MAX. I haven’t used many other tools since I started using Blender(But I always keep Unity 5 and UE4 updated and ready to go). Blender is probably my favorite engine since Source/GoldSource.

6 months :stuck_out_tongue:

What would be the difference between 2.74, and 2.75? I doubt anything would of changed.

If anything the development on the engine has stopped for a few years. The book I have game development, dates from 2013 using 2.66.

I’m using it as reference, I haven’t really tried out the examples, such as the shark game. I used the info to rigg one of the characters I have. For the time being, my map won’t actually have movement, at least not walking around.

The first player camera cube is rubbish! provides release notes :smiley:

  • New hysteresis parameter for smoother transitions between LODs
  • Material and World mist attributes now support animation
  • Debug drawing of Sun Lamps shadow range
  • Improved collision masks and groups
  • Replication of rigid body joint constraints for group instances
  • Python API improvements with subclassing, new options and methods
  • Over 40 bug fixes (see list).

2.75 version according to the site.

And 2.76 has the following changes.

Game Publishing Addon

  • The addon is now out of beta and benefits of subtle UI changes, moving the platforms “publish” option and assets path chooser inside of their respective lists widgets, some minor changes internally.

Other improvements:

  • Camera lens shift support to produce architecture-like two vanishing point renders and to match projector offsets.
  • Angular velocity clamping is now possible, fixed velocity clamping units display
  • 2D Filter now supports integer properties as uniforms
  • New python submodule to access application values that remain unchanged during runtime (similar to
  • Material settings can be edited in python (KX_BlenderMaterial) like: alpha, hardness, emit, specular, diffuse

I don’t think that changes much.

Take a look at UPBGE.
By the way, since 2.77 we have cubemap support in BGE/viewport. I think that geometry instancing was also added to 2.77, I’m not sure though. But lastly(since UPBGE started) BGE is getting new progress wave;)

What is that?

Uchronia Project Blender Game Engine. - more info here.

Since 2008. Idk what version but it woulda been early 2.4 series. I take pride in having to work on the 4 series. it was so difficult in comparison to 2.5.

I also have taken years long breaks

Hi. How to report a bug? I guess I found one.
UPBGE Crashes (run bge ‘p’) when A subdiv object are assigned as ‘alpha sort’.

I know I’m the least experienced here… I’ve never used it before… :no:

For one year now. But I’m gonna switch to BDX.

Too long. 2008 was when I first started pushing cubes off the edge of planes…

They had blender (I can’t remember the version) installed on the computer labs at school, and I got bored when learning how to use Microsoft Office for the n-th time in a row.