How long is a blender unit?

Im designing a desk to build…so i need everything to be to scale…whats the usual conversion from blender units to meters or feet

in latest 2.5 1BU = 1 meter
unless you change the Units to English which is basically yards

unless you change the nornal scale !


how do you change it to yards? im not used to meters…

btw i have 2.49…will that make a difference

in 2.49 just use 1BU = 1 meter

or 1BU = 1foot
then you can convert from Meter to foot with scaling !

in 2.5 you can change the unit in the scene panel i think

happy 2.5

A BU is about this long…

Seriously, a BU can be any size you want it to be. If you want to work in yards, then just tell yourself 1 bu = 1 foot. By default, the grid is subdivided by 10, you can change that in view properties panel to 12, giving you inches.