how long to model?

how long does it take to model a character in blender,on average? im thinking about a project im working towards ( im still new, so i have a lot of work to do before then) and was wondering how long it takes someone who knows how to use the majority of tools and such, to model characters in low poly and highpoly.

It varies a great deal, but someone who is fast can model and rig a character in a day or two

i see, seems like it will take me an incredibly long time to make my app. Which is quite frustrating, haha

Yeah unfortunately it probably will. I’ve been at this for a while now and still haven’t gotten much into anything other than modeling. Fortunately I’m moving past that stage in my learning for the most part.

I took about 2 weeks to model a character while following the tutorial. Since i had other work besides modeling in blender i skipped a few days. But, yes it takes some time.