how long until gtx 10xx series support?

I purchased a 1070 a month or so ago and it has slowed my workflow down so much due to it’s lack of support. I am using my CPU most of the time and my old amd card was faster. I’ve heard august but is there any official plans, or only speculation? I really want to finish the scene i’m working on but it’s just not possible with this card

For you too long, for me some day soon.
It is a gaming card, presented and marketed as such with advancements in better VR and 4K visual experience.
For creative souls & minds, meaning used only for brute rendering purpose is only at about 10% more efficient over previous generation. Even less if you can’t use it :no: and more :yes: if you know & understand your own goals… then you wait for the opportunity of being able to chose wisely.

As such i feel as if wasting time and life buying new stuff, while ‘we all have friends’ (internet) who get all these stuff for testing purposes and sharing opinions, experiences…

There’s a saying: “Every school (experience) costs something.” :wink:
Freedom is not in having a bunch of different choices/stuff but the knowledge to choose consciously being able to use/do it :wink:

Let’s assume September… you feel any better. Then bugs will start to appear more often.

Hi, there is a experimental kernel here >
Please read the whole thread, there are many important informations.
Nvidia has to release Cuda 8.0 stable to get Cycles support but I know from Octane engine the Pascal cards are still slow.
Was the same with the GTX 900 cards.

Cheers, mib