How make a animation interact with physics on game engine?

Hi guys,

when i had 2.49 version of blender, i knew how make an a interaction between blender animation and physics.(For instance: a character that kicks a soccer ball) I don’t know how i do this on blender 2.5 ¬¬ can anybody help me?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Paolo have you tried the Edit Object Actuator and it’s “replace mesh” option? I guess it’s just what you need :slight_smile:

Use an f-curve actuator to play the animation in the game engine.

You could bone parent an object to your player’s feet. This would move with an armature action (i assume this is what you are trying to do) and could make contact with your ball. Results might be a bit unpredictable though.

An alternative to bone parenting a physics object would be to use a touch sensor on the bone parented object and apply force or velocity to the ball using a script, ‘faking it’ to make it more predictable and controllable.