How make a svg from spline (picture joined)

I would like to make a svg (for illustrator) frome this Blender shape, yes usually people ask for the opposite, so do you think there is a way?
Happy new yeay by the way :partying_face:]


To get this to an .SVG …It might be better to delete only Faces…leaving the outer edge intact.

Then export Curves (.svg) and you should be good to go…( you might need to enable Import/export SVG in Preferences.)

The reason I say to use only the edge is all the geometry that makes up the Face of this object would also be converted into curves…which might end up being a total mess in the program you import the .SVG to. It would take the face and also duplicate the outer edge to contain the FILL and then you would also have duplicated vertices…much easier to use a fill function in your Vector program if you are exporting as such.

Ok I have deleted the faces, but how/where to export them ? :flushed:

Delete the extrusion…all you want is the outer edge curve…
then that selected use the export .svg addon and save to a location you want.
Then you can import the file into your Vector program…
Once in Illustrator you can do what you need to do with it.

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Ok, I will try this on monday, thank you very much for your help! I hope I will be able to follow your step by step :pray:, thanks again :wink:

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