how make particles form a word?

Hi, I am looking for a way to have magically sparkling flying particles that do some twists and twirls and than come to a stop and form a word…like a swarm of fireflys that sit down after a little “air-ballet” and form the outline of a word that can be read from the distance. The look should be like in the attachment (halos). I think starting with a word as particle emitter and render backards might be a good start. Anyone done something like that before? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


You can do it using dupliverts and selecting particles unborn and then rendering it backwards.

I wrote a how to setup the unborn particles here:

Ondrew, thanks - that helped a lot!
I even figured out how to render backwards with the sequence editor.

Now I am wondering a) how to control the particle’s movement best and b) how to have them sparkle magically.

a) particle forces & random seem to me a little bit tooo random and uncontrollabe…I would like to have the particle stream coming from one point like a water hose…should I try with lattice? and is there a way to redirect verticevektors in the parentobject/emitter?

b) I guess I will try halos and colorbands and animated textures…any other ideas?

besides that I figured out that the order particles appear depends on the order the vertices of the parent/emitter objects are drawn in the edit mode. Any other idea how to control that?

Thanks & cheers!


You can control the particles by creating curves or empties and giving them Physic Buttons/Fields and deflection properties. They are very fun to play with, especially the vortex :slight_smile:

The order of vertices is a more complicated issue. I have no idea how to do it without a python script. And the python way is pretty complicated too, since you can’t easily specify the correct order for the script to act upon.

Use the swarm python script to swarm the particles to the letter. They will swirl but move along a path you set. The swarm script is many places, in fact I think it is even in the university’s site.

Or of course, probably the best way of doing this is the new particle system found in this post. However, you will need to experiment in cvs, and probably pull apart one of the supplied demos to work out how it works. I had a go and in a few hours, had the particles emit from one cube, come together to form another cube, break up and reform as a differnt cube. You can make them form the shape of any model you create.


I was just about to say. Yeah. New particle system is definitely the way to go.

THANX for those replies!

SWARM is beutiful, but I was not able to figure out how to make the objects move to a target…

JAHKA particle…!..yes, exactly what’s needed to make particles form a word…“harmony” looks like the right tool for it!


cheers ***