how make this blue fire?

Hello, can someone tell me how make this blue fire of this picture? Thank you :slight_smile:

well, a blue transparent tube with a blend texture to fade it out and a cloud texture to vary its alpha and mapped to white would do it, afaik. oh, a lamp inside the nozzle, with translucency on the flame tube, and a little emit.that fuzziness around the edges is a glow, maybe a post process using the glow node.

Of course, there’s particles…but that would be for another day.

Thanks for the help, i tried it but i’m very newbie and the result was horrible :stuck_out_tongue: but thank you

tube with particles, halomaterial with ADD on max, subdivide the tube a bit, displace, done…kinda.

may be that one will give you a better idea on how to do it!

if you find it let us know how to - that would be nice


Hey thanks i got something similar hehe. Thanks to everybody :wink:

thats a very elegant way, it works good for far-away shots and animations since the particles will make a nice trail.

but for closeups they might seem to be 1-dimensional, i.e. they would look the same way from every angle. kinda like in “Homeworld” the game for pc, the ships make beautiful trails, but on closeup its kinda weird.

my result with a tube + particles, attatched

ps, dont mind the horrible model and bg


there is a note at the bottom saying that the author would oike any comments on thsi tut

you could ask him if he has the way to do the blue trail which is not quitexplain in it;s tut
may be he can help you with this!

Here is what I got playing with PapaSmurf’s Idea. I used a Voronoi texture to create the streaks, a Blend to make it fade, alpha, Fresnel, and Factor to adjust the fading around the cylinder, and finally nodes to add some glow. If anyone is interested I can write up a more detailed description.

its awesome in how many ways you can have the same effect in blender.

now someone make a version with composite nodes only XD

no seriously, actually i think we should mix the ideas with particles and cylinders to make one ultimate version usable for animation and stills and close-up shots

desirable effect:

Very interesting as an FX and more than one way to do it

if you could put some blender file as example it would be nice

to Adam - there is a tut that i’v seen of this trails somewhere
did you use this tut - if you have the site can you give it to us


Here is the Blend file from my test:

thanks - for the time being there seems to be an error on the web site

but i’ll try it later on

Very nice effect for all kind of engine rocket or even explosion or torch things like propane torch
or even oxyacethylene torch ect

by the way 2.46 is finally out


Do you mean how to make shock diamonds like this?

I go into slightly more indepth here: (along with .blend file)

here is something i came up with … just uses a material for the tube, with 3 blender textures, and a light inside the tube…

uses the transparency settings to addjust how much edge effect you get as well as other settings…

i recommend you make a tube, at a custom texure on it, then mess with say about 5 settings or so from absolute extreme low to extreme high on the settngs and see what happens when you do…


Looking good guys! Now you should taper the end of the tube so that the stream comes together. Use the proportional tool when scaling in the end ring of verts, to match what a real flame does…it’s not perfectly linear like a cone. Regarding animation and those really cool pulses, is a reference video.

it possible to save these little video from u-TUBE

but how?
By the way if i remember well the darke blue band in the flame are du to sonic resonance


There are lots of youtube downloader plugins for firefox. Two examples: VideoDownloader and DownloadHelper

i have a huge problem adjusting to the new particle system, but ill keep on rollin…

If you have RealPlayer, it should work…I think…
Anyway, cool thread + tutorials + ideas…methinks I shall get blendering…