How manny objects per scene blender can handle?

I m working on a game, and I m almost finishing it, but a problem came up to me. I ll need about 2000 objects on the bigger scenes. And I wonder how mutch this ll decrease the framerate on the scene?
On my computer it runs fine, but I dont think that this ll be the same on all the computers.
And Im kind of lost with this, I really dont know what to do now.
The game is like this:

1 - you have a lot of cubes on the scene

2 - each cube can be painted.

3 - in order to paint the cubes I have a logick brick that change the mesh to a cube with the collor you selected.

4 - to solve a puzzle you have to read the rints over the cubes.

5 - this rints are planes with an specific number.

what happens is there ll be 10x10x10 puzzles + the rints that ll be more 800 planes o this scenes. how can I decrease the amount of objects?

Generally, when you have a ton of objects at once executing logic bricks, what would slow things is down is not so much the graphics unless you have some advanced shading, but more in the way of all the objects executing logic at once, luckily there is a rather nice way to optimize such logic.

You could start the cubes in an inactive state, then, using a ray sensor on the mouse cursor or whatever the painting tool is, you use a python script to get the object hit by the ray (using hitObject), and change its state to the one with the logic bricks before quickly changing it back in the cube’s logic.

How this speeds things up? It speeds up the logic by ensuring that only a few objects at most are running any logic in the scene, good use of such a system can nearly eliminate the slowdowns associated with a ton of objects running logic at the same time.

i got to 26,000 before any noticeable lag, with default cubes

Ace I have this script allready done on my game. but just to let the cubes there without any logic the game slow down on older computers. The game that Im making is almost the same as this
On nds I can make puzzles with 1000 cubes + the numbers over them and Im afraid that on blender I cant do that for all the computers.

1000 cubes is 12000 triangles. Should work on most computers.

I tested on a pentium 2.4 with a graphic gt 7500 and the game ran at 5 fps.
Maybe the computer had some kind of problem I dont know

Do you really mean a Pentium 2!?

A computer with that processor is an antique as far as PC’s go, and installing a decent, though lower end GPU isn’t really going to make it fast enough to easily run most games anyway unless the graphics are ‘very’ basic.

A computer with an old processor is not necessarily going to run most games at 60 FPS nowadays no matter what GPU you install.

no a pentium 4 2.4 ghz, i think that it ll work probably the problem was from the computer that I tested, maybe there was something wrong with it.
Well thanks for the suport aniway you guys helped me a lot!