how many animals do you have?

i just wondering how many animals you have,
and what animals you have.
i have three birds two ferrets two frogs three dogs four cats a tortoise and a emperor scorpion.

A Beagle named Isaiah and a kitty named Lizzy.

We adopted our dog at a shelter, our kitty was a stray that found our garage, amazing a very unique mix like her just shows up.

wow 7 ones :smiley:
i only have two ones at the moment my cat(13 years) and my dog (3years)

but i had a time when i had the cat, the dog, a tortoise, 6 hamsters and a bird
… oops . i forgot my fish ^^" i had a nice “lake” at my old home with 20 goldfish

I got a cat and the occasional flea or two during summer.

hey i used to have 18 hamsters, but we gave them away becuase my dad said it was costing us to much.
and we had a chameleon last year to hold onto(i know it doesn’t count)
and last year we had a chines water dragon(its a lizard) and gave it away to one of my Friends because he always wanted one(that and we can still visit him now and then).

Three cats here, my sister has a rabbit and we have 20+ chickens. I used to have a lizard but he died in January.

I have a roommate… he’s pretty hairy, but he’s housebroken.

3 cats (all female) + 1 dog (also female).

Dog is a pitbull mix, rescued from some assholes that cut off her ears with scissors and no anesthetic. Sweetest dog you’ll ever meet.

9 animals live in my house :
6 felines, 2 humans and Me (also human) :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 3 cats and 1 dog and 1 horse personally, but on the farm there are about 30+ cats, 20+ horses and 2 dogs.

Four dogs, two turtles and, unofficially, hundreds of ants and dozens of roaches.

I’m happy you rescude him.
did you, btw, knock some sence into them?:evilgrin:


I see.
well that sounds familiar. Lol.
though we don’t really have many ants.:smiley:

I’ve got billions of bacteria living inside of me… does that count?

I have 2 Shetland sheepdogs (boy and girl) their litter mates. I also have a rex rabbit (female)

I have friends… they eat all my food and occasionally stab me in the back, but it’s all good times :slight_smile:

Lol, my gf is an animal, lol… that sounded weird… but seriously she’s WILD!!! Especially when she jumps on my bed, I just spank her and tell her no, she listens… mostly.

Actually my girlfriend and I were fostering her for a shelter that rescues them, but she kind of grew on us so we formally adopted her. I’d surely love to knock some sense into the people who abused her had I met them first hand.

Pitbull fighting is growing in the area I live in, and as such they’re trying to outright outlaw the dogs, which is pretty stupid. They get a bad rep, but they can be really great pets.


only if you want it to. Lol.

^ look up.