How many architects here?

I’ve read carefully the blender vs real players tread and I’ve found it very interesting. I think there’s a lot of architects or mechanical designers who would benefit of a set of cad-like tools in blender.
I don’t think that blender can become an indipendent cad platform, but some more tools to help in having precise measures while creating/modifying objects would surely help!

I think that on-the-fly snap and 2D easy drawing are also features that would make every blender user happy!

So, architects, web designers, please reply… let’s become more visible!

I’ll begin the count:

Architects: 1

Mechanical Design Engineer : 1

I do my engineering and design in Pro/E but I import via SLP to Blender for renderings and visualization. My clients have used my Blender renderings in their product packaging, catalogues, and advertisements.

industrial designer =1


While I am not a professional and all . . . I would really like blender to have these tools. So, I will tally my vote

Hopeful Student = 1 :smiley:

The ox thinks numerically.


i have miscelaneous cad and design skills
those ideas would be great

industrial design : 1.0000001

Insutrial design: 2.0000001 :wink:


Well, technically… I guess my web design could benefit greatly from precise blender tools. Then I’d be able to better incorporate senseless, though very pretty, graphics.
edit Oh yeah, and I’m working on a few 2d games. Precise measurements could help things looking smooth if I were to create sprites from models I make in Blender, as grumbel is doing with Windstille right now…/edit

Web designer ++
edit Game developer ++ */edit

Civil Design Tech = 1

I would benifit of some improved tools in terms of making objects more percise, but I don’t expect blender to become a CAD type program.

Draftsman += 1

I’m a Mechanical Engineering student, so I use Pro Engineer occasionally.

Draftsman +=2

It seems there’s a lot of people who need precise measures using Blender…
oxman what is a “ox”? I guess there’s only one in the world…

Web designer = 2

Architectural Draftsman here.

I think that on-the-fly snap and 2D easy drawing are also features that would make every blender user happy!


Superior snapping and intelligent numerical input would make my Blendering easier. And if you don’t need it, you wouldn’t notice that it was there.

i’m glad i am getting some support.

thanks people. i think its a good thing to try and push in blender. i think it can be really powerful for many people in this community.


Electrical Engineer (student) = 1

I’m designing a motor right now in my free time though, so yeah, it’d be cool if I could use Blender.

You can define the sizes of things with numerical input; the problem is that you can’t really go back and easily dimension that for printout later.

Spoken like a true geek :wink:

When I first registered at Elysiun they wouldn’t let me have such a small user name as “ox” so I installed oxman instead. I prefer ox for a handle. I use ox-{ on the IRC.
Any way, an ox is a singlular form of the plural form of the word oxen. An ox is a bovine that is trained to work. They are wonderful creatures, mostly gentle, extremely strong and I am dearly attached to mine. I have similar personality traits as an ox (I don’t mean being full of BS [!] :stuck_out_tongue: )
They can get to where they throw thier weight around on occasion and it is a frieghtful scene. Here is a little blurb from my web site on the subject. My ox and I converse on philosophical subjects often and says he wants cad features in blender also (just for the record)
Here is a fovorite quote from the sacred writings:
“Where there is no ox the stall is clean, but with the ox comes much increase”

I would change the topic to:

How many Architect on Linux here? :slight_smile:

Why? because lacking is there, if you are on windows, you have an infinity of choice about CAD softwares.

I’m student in architecture and i use mainly GNU/Linux.


Arquitectural designer = 1

I can’t live without precision tools!!