how many careered 3D artist?

How many Professional/Careered 3D artists we have in the elYsiun world?
I myself is very farrrr from being a 3D Artist, let alone a paid one. But one day I will be there. :slight_smile:

I have been paid for some of my Blender work. Does that make me a Pro?

Plus, I use a Mac which proves I am serious! :smiley: :smiley:

I worked for one of the first 3D animation companies in the mid-1980’s…our clients included ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, etc. After teaching for 8 years I got back into production & did 3D animation for Henson/Muppets, KidZtime, McGraw-Hill, etc. I don’t use Blender for these though…mostly 3DS MAX.

I am actually an artist, just not 3d… YET. I work in oils and sculpture and have sold over 100 works in the last 15 years. My only point is that when I discovered blender about 3 years ago… I decided I would eventually end up working in 3d. I do not have as much time as I would like to spend with it until I go back to school for computer arts, but for now it is one of my FAVORITE toys. But how to turn a toy into a tool…
I would also encourage anyone that is interested in 3d to study ALL forms of art as well.

Graphic Artist for Major US Corporation, use 3D (Blender) frequently to create stills and animations for product presentations. 3D is maybe 25% of my work. I do Blend heavily at home as well with the goal of full-time Animation Company in my future.

lol, did u notice that all the people who answered (except seval, who probably just discovered elysiun-not that it’s a bad thing) are forum gurus? i think that tells a lot. I think the people who make a living off using blender and such are more interested in all 3D related posts than the rest of us (i for one have school to think of first, only after that I’ll think of a career-90% chance it will be in the 3D field:)


And no Monkey replied…

This because true CG Artist don’t have time to make the amount of post needed to become a Monkey :stuck_out_tongue:


As always, Stefano hits the nail upon the head!

I guess I can move myself into the professional column. I used Blender (among other apps) at my previous job, but only part of the time.
Now, with the launch of my new design/advertising agency, I’m going to be at it full time.


I answer only to make adyus lie (though he could object that I post after his statement!) considering I’m a groupie!

For me the question applies also in the future. After a career in totally different area, I went into 3D by a special way. I’m currently studying industrial conception (preparing formation). The goal is to finally work in conceiving industrial products (from cars to toasters, machines, robots… or blenders!). My secret dream is to acheive to be industrial designer!
So 3D will not be the goal (although…), but the main tool. And it’s all thanks to Blender, without which I’d never had the idea. I’m not very good at hand drawing, so without CGI which gave me virtual “hands”, I could never imagine I could dream about beeing that.



Actually, I have been around for years. Just do not have enough time at the moment. Go to to find one of the reasons for this.

Oooo… what a shameless plug! :smiley: :smiley:
But it worked, as I am going to check out this little app!