How many faces aremaximum for a character (complex)

hello, i am making an indie game, i am creating a character to be the main antagonist of the game and i am modelling him and waiting to texture him after, however, im having issues with knowing how many polygons are gonna be available to me for him, the model has around 20 thousand faces, rounded, i would like to know how many faces is ok to out in a game, the game would probably have 5 main antagonists and not really that many other enemy’s as it will be more of a puzzle game, would this work with the faces, and if not, how would i get this done, i cant really show any main parts of the character but if you want more information to help with my question, i will show you snippets of it to better understand, the model has sculpted on cables all over the model which is my there are soo many faces, before it used to bee 300 thousand so thats a big difference

So the look of your main character is more important than the game play … If you wanna have a game only playable by those who can afford three MVideo Tj-4090 on a 18-core N2 Pear computer … go ahead :rofl:

:question: I don’t get it.

What you could do to get a very rough idea is look up numbers from similar games.
This Polycount Wiki page appears to have lots of holes now, but some links are still working. Here some numbers from older games.
I’m sure there’s more to performance than polycount, but it’s a start.

damn, now that you mention it the way i worded it sounds of lmao, when i said that i meant, something that’s not too complex with gameplay like a bunch of multiplayers, or horror, or war games, I just meant that the game is meant to be simple in design, but i also want the game to look realistic in a sense, i don’t just want to focus on the main character, i just don’t want to mess up the idea i have for it, they will have an important role in the story and gameplay, i don want a lazily modelled character.

lol if that doesnt make sense then oopsy poopsy

thanks i will check it out