How many faces can you work with?

How many faces/verticies/whatever can you have on screen before Blender begins to slow down?

I have a ATI HD4850, and I’ve had to resort to using a fake atioglxx.dll file with Blender. Basically this means Blender does not use any hardware acceleration. Once I get about 500,000 faces on screen (using Object Mode) Blender is slowing down considerable. I can go higher, maybe up to 1,000,000, but beyond this and I think Blender would be unusable. Blender wont crash, but it just gets really slow.
Is this normal? How many faces can others usually work with?


On ur graphics card is it bronze level, silver, or gold? And if u get it without crashing just lagging that’s ok. (I THINK) I used to make Suzzanes and subsurf them to levels : 6 and I wondered why it was sooooo slow! :smiley:

I have had Blender handle 4 million faces in object mode before, on my old computer.

It’s editmode where things can really slow down before a million faces.

I have a NVidia Geforce 6150 SE 430 NForce GPU, and an AMD Althon 5000+ Dual Core CPU at 2.6 GHz each. I have a sticker in front of my computer that has almost all the specs, LOL. For me, a noticable lag begins somewhere bewteen 50K and 75K verts, and a major lag, around 5 to 10 FPS, begins at about 300K verts. But my computer can handle several million. At about 1,500K, I get between 1 and 2 FPS. At 6,291,458 verts, a level 10 subdivision cube, blender runs at about .5 FPS. So Blender’s GUI becomes unworkably slow (<1 FPS) at around several million verts. Blender crashes at 11 million verts on my computer.

I just got 3,700,000 with integrated graphics card. subdivided an ICO sphere, went to object and back to edit and it crashed. didn’t check to see how slow it was.

I have Geforce 7600gt, 1GB of ram and 1,9ghz Athlon. I can still work rather well in sculpt mode at around 400k faces and partial redraw turned on. This one time I managed to go up to around 6 million faces using the multires. Blender didn’t crash, but it was completely unusable, since it lagged so much.

If blender wouldn´t use HW accelerated OGL blender would refuse work at ~1000 faces with a state of the art processor, if you´d try to rotate them even less… either that, or you have a distorted view of smooth working ^^

However, i can handle ~2.500.000 faces in object mode until it gets what i call unuseable and about 500.000 in edit mode, in solid display mode.

Tested with cubes and multisubdivided them, so basically on 5 cubes á 500k is the line where i refuse to work ^^ But thats where layers where invented ^^

(Running C2Q9550 | 2x8800GTS SLI | 4GiB DDR2/800 | WinXP64)
i´d have to check in linux too, i assume it has slightly higher performance there.