How many Faces for a level

Im building a outside scene for my game and i hit 100k faces, with character and props. It is still running 60fps at 1080p So im thinking of pushing over 100k to 150k maybe 200k with the undead.
I`m using LOD so high poly objects when out of distance will disappear, so can any one
with experience share with me what they think.

quite simply put, it’s not the amount of faces in a level that will hurt you, it’s how many are ever in view of the camera,

LOD + occlusion + some dynamic loading means that the total triangles is not the issue,

how many are drawn is.

ps. high number of objects is bad as well, so try and do what fallout does,

if you are near a tile, load all its stuff, asa you walk away far enough, save what is there, and then delete the copies.

this way = less polygons and total object count.

another thing, objects with multiple materials = 1 draw call per material.

Try macimally reducing polys, use normalmaps.
Use LOD, of course.
Use light LOD if oyu have much lights in scene(you can find the very simple code in my BGMC16 game Minosaur).
Use tiled, lower resolution textures(512, 1024) if possible, avoid using large texture maps(4096, 8192 etc.).
Try using stencilmaps to make the low res tiled texture not look very repetative - use different tiled textures and mix them with very low resolution stencil(for example, if you have a 50m * 50m large terrain, I’d use 265x256 stencil.
Theese things should improve performance.
And more - on top of your city - places where player can’t reach - try to use less polygons, as they don’t require such much detail - they’re always far from player.
Using more objects(not joining all the city in one object or similar ot that) will obiouvsly increase framerate because there won’t be need to render whole scene, the occlusion culling will disable rendering theese outside objects. Otherwise, if you have a large, detailed terrain in one object, it will always render whole terrain, even if just a small part is visible. But if it is seperate into multiple objects, it will render just visible objects. However, this will decrease scene loading time too, so you may want to make loading screen in this case and don’t split scene in too many objects, must be optimised(even my quite good CPU had to take 2 mins to load one scene with ~2500 objects with each ~100 polys, but I had very solid 60 FPS:D