How many faces for a model is it safe before the computer freezes/can't handle?

Hey guys may i ask How much Faces/Polygons in your model is the maximum that your GPU can handle? Please also state your GPU specs.

I’m asking this so that i’ll have an idea when i should stop adding details, or when should i remove decimate my model.

Mine is GTX 1060 3GB, i5 = it hangs/slows down for about 1M Faces. I don’t know how much should i decrease to so that may computer can still perform sculpting like grabbing on it or editing without lag.

Is this an asset for a game? What class of asset, hero?

It can vary but plenty of hero(think characters/vehicles etc) assets in games are anywhere from 100k to 1m vertices(this includes UV seams and sharp edges/custom normals all of which incur an extra vertex cost).

Even a gpu from ~10 years ago should be able to handle this, how many of such assets rendered in a frame at a time is a separate question.

As for DCC applications like blender… the model data is modified by the cpu so it’s system memory and cpu performance that are your bottlenecks.

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it’s sculpted character

it’s sculpted character. i’m not even rendering, just switching from object to sculpt vice versa and performing bool tool but i get som much lag.

Sculpt is dependent on memory, just make sure to have a good amount of it. Boolean is well, boolean. It’s not my area of expertise but I recon it’s mostly dependent on your CPU.

Well, yes. The 1060 is still a decent card, my friend has it too, however the 3 gb version might be annoying as games started to accept a 4 gb minimum of GRAM a few years back (which is not needed often, but pushes you still)…

So, anyways, the calculations in viewport would rather fall upon the CPU, while the memory stores the stuff of course.
If you have enough memory assigned, then there might not be much to do. I would not advise overclocking or whatever…
The GPU, if set so, would do the viewport render and final render basically.

What you can do, is that you hide the unneeded vertices in edit more, but I don’t know if you can do the same in sculpt mode, that is different. Anyways, “H” hides the selected, Alt+H unhides the hidden stuff.

If you hide most of the mesh, it should speed things up.

Booleans are just an expensive operation and afaik performed on the cpu. If you try to boolean objects with a resolution that usually comes with digital sculpting its no wonder its slow. You can’t really do anything about that.

If you just need to join two objects its probably much faster to do it through a voxel remesher.

  • Join both meshes together with ctrl + j
  • Assign a Remesh modifier, choose voxel and tweak the voxel size (with small decrements) until you get the resolution you like

Regretfully I don’t know of a similarly fast workflow with substractions.