how many frames in Animation .... does it matter????

Welll i wanned to know about how many frames should we use at a minimum for a realistic movement of a character… ??? like if i have a alien and i wana show it talking to somone… the hand movements and all should be of minimum how many frames???
Is there any good tutorial on this… there are many basic tutorial on how to basic animation but none about a complete scene with different movements and all the details… have gone through Bosd character animation … but now want the advanced stuff… like they show in animated movies… how can u achive that???please somebody help with some details… thanks!!!

Its called acting, and, yes, it matters. You achieve it by getting a mirror and a stopwatch. Frank and Ollie outline the principals of advanced animation.

well if ur doing pose to pose animation, u can just do ur animation, do a test render and then fix ur timing by moving ur keyframes under the action window, slide it left to make the movement faster. right to make it longer

the speed that your animation looks is dependent on the frames per second setting, so be sure to base your mirror/stopwatch acting accordingly

Yeah, as said it definitely does matter and is one of the most important parts of animation in some ways. When I’m animating I tend to work through and do the main poses first where I feel like it. (Say, I might make a step 20 frames, or an arm swing 10 frames). Then I’d do a test playback, and adjust the timing of all the keyframes using the NLA editor or Action editor to get the look you want. Then work through the animation and make the actions flow by adding Keys in between the main poses.

Hope that helps.

regarding the frames per second, then you want at least 24 frames per second, which is what film is shot at.TV runs at 30 fps. So, if it takes your character one second and a half to turn his head to the side, that is 45 frames.

Its very simple - 25 frames per second in Blender (PAL) 30 NTSC. Do some simple calculations and presto

just keep working with a certain fps, like wat they use in the industry,. no idea wat it is, probly 24 like papa smurf said, and after a while u wont need to do calculations , it will just come to u