How many here have forgot to mirror when making something amazing?

When you got your creativity going and you didn’t realize you are not mirroring or that you are mirroring when you didn’t want to. FFFFUUUU! I’ve watch 2 new tutorials today where they both had to repair their errors, sometimes it’s an easy fix sometimes it’s complicated. And these guys are way more competent than me. Instead of having something beautiful to look at you now given yourself a challenge to solve your mess.

It’s a reoccuring theme for many creators and it shouldn’t happen so easily.

I wish Blender had more visual messages for something that important.

How about every step you take there should be a fairly big symbol to indicate your latest action was mirrored activity or not. Maybe a 2 sided arrow with an X over it when not mirroring. Have it somewhere in the 3D view so it can be easily spotted. We cannot rely on digging into menus to find if an X is blue or a hidden check mark is checked somewhere.

Just today, I seen 2 new tutorials, both forgot to mirror. It’s not because there were inexperienced or incompetent. It happens to the best of us.

I don’t have a Blender cloud account, or whatever it’s called, but I wish someone would address this. Too many times I’ve seen experienced and new users whose lives would be so much less frustrating if they had this.

Can someone ask Blender to make this indicator?
Can someone tell me who to talk to to have one added to the next build?

The only case where that sort of indication could be useful is when you’re working on an asymmetrical model but have symmetry enabled. But then, one would hope that someone editing an asymmetrical model pays attention to what they’re doing. IMHO.

It’s two clicks to re-symmetrize symmetrical object. Cluttering view with indicators is just fluff. And what to do for 3 axis symmetry? Just look at the modern sculpt mode with X, Y, and Z symmetry enabled. Dots everywhere. Ugh.

Since 2.81, you don’t have to.
It is directly visible, clearly indicated into Tool Settings Bar for any mode.

I’ll have to keep my eye on that corner. It’s a very welcomed addition.