How many hours a week do you spend on a computer?

How many hours a week do you spend on a computer?

24+ hrs. At school we all have macbooks, so most of that time is spent in class.

Too much time (and I should probably spend more of that time playing computer games or working in Blender rather than on the Internet). Tropico 3 should remedy that to an extent if I get it.

“Some messages are not to be taken seriously, or used for good long conversations, like these:: Automated phone messages, Adbots, Spambots, Kbots…”

Bless you for having something like on your sig CD . . .

Anyways I don’t really spend that much time on the PC myself … .

I’m a software engineer/geek. I spend about 12 hours a day on a computer, sometimes more.

No, I don’t want to go outside. I’ve heard rumors that the sun is out there.

I guess you have to rethink the scale of the poll, because >50h could be quite common among here.

Snifi is right, sorry for the double thread, but ima expand the range, please re-vote.