How many hours do you spend on gaming?

Back in my college it was 10+hours every single day. Now I am having a job and so I am able to play only 2–3 hours each day and around 5–6 hours on weekends. I have loads of fun while gaming and though its my favourite activity, I am trying new things these days. I like outdoors a lot more than during my college days.

What about you guys?

ive always found it more fun to make games then play them. :smiley:

It really ranges for me, from half an hour to 1.5 hours.

I tinker with making games now and then, it doesn’t have the spark it used to give me (because for one thing, you know where all of the secrets are and there is nothing for you to discover).

As for me playing games, I don’t play them near as much as I used to (save for a smattering of mobile games on my tablet).

5 hours a day

Hardly ever, maybe an hour every few weeks, if that, on Traackmania 2. Normally, if I am not doing Blender stuff, I am playing guitar. Games never really grabbed me the way they seem to most folks. My mate plays a couple of hours a day and has played a ton of games.
I only have Zen Pinball, a pool game and TM2 on my system for casual distraction when I can’t focus enough to do anything creative.

About 1 hour for me, and that’s only on some days. I have exams all the time so not much free time :frowning:

It depends on the day. If I have a lot of work, I can’t play much. But on weekends I can spend the whole night playing video slots as I really enjoy the process. Though I play for fun, not for money, sometimes I’m lucky to win some money.

Not nearly enough! To be honest, I’ve switched to tabletop to develop my game design skills. That said, I do enjoy a quick game of Warcraft 3 when I get some time in the evenings. Oh, and a bit of Super Castlevania 4 too. Thats bloody hard that one!

Haven’t played for ages but after 3d acquisition started again to discover new methods in games

I only get 3 hours a week since joining the workforce, sometimes having a job really sx

If I’m not working or reading, I’m playing. Honestly, it really depends. Sometimes 2 or 3, others 4 or 5. But, it’s always after I get everything else done.

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zero… If I touch one, I can lost 10 hours of my time :stuck_out_tongue:


Too many, i never get what i want to do on weekends.

I want to learn blender, drawing, welding, woodwork and i probably should clean my fishtank but:

I want to increase my rank in “Rocket League”
I want to build a self sustaining colony in “Oxygen not included”
I want to finish “Fallout4” on survival mode with a ton of mods.

Both are things i want to do but i think i default to games because they are so straight forward.
The problem is that games are a waste of time that i am never going to get back.

How did you guys that play so few hours a week learn to let go? I literally play games once i am done with work and daily chores and i could really use that time on something more productive.

sometimes 1 hour and sometimes more than 5 , it depends on what do i have in my todo list

1-3 per day.

I haven’t gamed in two years. :’(

Rocks back and forth slowly in the corner, sucking thumb.

I spend about 4 hours maximum. I like to play adventure game like Uncharted 4. I game only when I am looking for level design inspirations.

30 minutes to an hour only. I’m always busy with the family and my work.

Around 4-5 hours a week