How many hours do you spend on gaming?

I do not do any gaming anymore. I would like to game, but nothing works on linux, and anything that does work cost too much money for me at the moment.

Having said that, I like creating games, and plan starting a project soon. But I have to make certain I put my priority into wood working.

Now… Honestly 0… :frowning:

When I do have time I watch a lot of youtube tech channels to get understanding what’s going on in the tech filed, along with some Blender Tutorial. And some shows every now and again…

But I definitely have to play some games… As soon as I finish my custom water cooling. And few other things… hehe

And wait till my kids grow up and move out … LOL (so another 15 years :smiley: )

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Some days none. Some days I play games by link almost all day, like 10 hours. It depends on my workload and if I have any plans that involve me putting pants on.