How many hours training/practice?

Just out of curiosity, how many hours would you say it has taken you to become good/great at Blender? Assuming you started with good basic art skills, how long has it taken you to reach the same level of proficiency with computer animation art? I’ve heard people say 3-4 years, but I wonder how many hours a day that is?

i have only been using blender for about 13 months and it helps when i incorporate my drawing and illustration interests into my blender creations.

Only one way to find out… by getting busy!

There are lots of specialized tools in Blender; 3D modeling, Rigging and Animation, Rendering, Textures, Physics, particles, Cloth and liquid simulation, Game design and so on and on. If you are focused on doing particular task, you should be able to learn it quickly. Provided that you have good book and or teacher. Specialized tools are there but when you separate them out, there are just so many things you can do with it. They are not that deep.

Using Blender can get really complex fast when you start to mix up those tools. Knowing which tool to use where, when, and how is the part that takes time and practice.

I’d say that would be part time to get proficient as a generalist. Full time - 8 hrs a day that would take half that time.

Each area of Blender - or any other 3D app - takes a high level of dedication and skill. So you’d really have to apply yourself to each area. So if you apply yourself in a methodical way, taking up each area it will be faster than just working with no real goal in mind,

Then there is the overall time factor of experience working on a variety of jobs to gain a proficient level of skill. Then time spent experimenting with the areas that are not as well documented.

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