How many money NetVentures want's for blender?

(taz) #1

:wink: Why don’t we ask them how many money want to give us the part of blender that them owns.

And with all the blender users try to get it

(Timothy) #2

I don’t think this is a realistic idea.

The amount of money needed to actually buy yourself into the company would probably be ALOT more than what the community could gather.

Say if 1000 people all submit $50 which would be alot (I really don’t think alot of people would contribute anything, let alone $50) you get $50.000 which is still very little money.


(gargola) #3

Kib_Tph is right. :frowning:

(taz) #4

as said a friend of mine:

Ton is “THE CREATOR” if he can’t going on developing blender why not make a clone (open source or not) improving the actual one?

If Blender is going to keep at the fridge as a frozen proyect then is time to do as the phoenix and born again from the ashes of experience.

Start coding again using the newest technologies and improving blender-new-generation.
As was in the NaN plans for the version 3.0