How many of y'all are putting your stuff on Peertube?

I came across this video:

So how many of you have heard of Peertube? How many of you are putting your stuff on it??

even if this is somehow different, i still can’t help but get the energy of:


Agreed. I don’t have time to chase every new flashy social media or video-sharing site that comes along (and there are so many of them!) Back when Twitter was first falling apart, I remember watching all the artists I follow frantically jump around - “I’m on Hive! I’m on Inkblot! I’m on Cara! I’m on Cohost!”, sinking hundreds of hours into re-uploading content across site after site after site, trying to gain their audience back… it’s not worth it to me. I have a limited amount of time to call my own, I don’t have the energy or time to try and crosspost on three dozen sites.

There was a point in Internet history where you could reasonably promote your own work- usually across Instagram, Twitter, and ArtStation. That was all you needed. Nowadays, you need to be making short videos for TikTok, long videos for YouTube, posting daily on 10 different social media platforms, doing live streams… all just to get any visibility at all, I’m not even talking about monetization. The era of posting occasionally on one or two platforms and being able to make money from it is dead. It died 10 years ago.

At this point in time, marketing your own art (and creating “content”, which at this point in time means short videos almost exclusively) requires at least 10-15 hours a week. It’s a part-time job. As creatives, we have three options:

  1. We can play that game and chase desperately after every drop of engagement and visibility we can get. This is becoming increasingly difficult- Instagram’s last few updates have decimated organic reach, ArtStation is no longer viable for organic reach, Twitter is bleeding users, etc. Realistically speaking, this approach only works in 2023 if you can afford to pay for ads.
  2. You can hire someone to do content and marketing for you. If you have a project that requires visibility, this is by far the best option. If you don’t, then there’s option 3:
  3. You can shrug, say “oh well”, focus on doing what you love and making art you love, and forget about visibility and engagement. Sounds harsh, but it’s honestly quite freeing. I have a few projects I do plan to hire someone to do content marketing for; the rest (99%)? I do them for myself, and I don’t care who sees them. Works out really well :slight_smile:

I like option #3. I agree its quite freeing. Doing what you love for an audiance of One is the best advice I’ve been given in regards to sharing work. You are not worried about artistic standards or ugly commentary. Somehow even while not on social media I still get to share my work with others and its so much more rewarding. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kaylee J

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This reminds me of the answer of some bookauthors, songwriter, filmmaker, etc… :

Q: What’s the secret of your over night success?
A: I just made the Book/Song/Movie what i wanted to read/listen/watch… and it lasted ten years…

So you may disappear while there are 500 video are uploaded every single minute

→ Point 9 of …which in my opinion contradicts their conclusion… notably that point 8 talks about 90% of people dicovering new products… so it’s an advertise platform not a video platform ?!?..

So this makes 1000 to 1500 videos while i was typping this and maybe <500 while you was reading this…
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I’m a huge fan of the Fediverse - it’s like Open Source, but for social media, putting the power of Big Tech back in to the people’s hands. The Blender Foundation have their own PeerTube instance too, after YouTube removed some of their videos (which got restored later):

I’m really enjoying being on Mastodon as well. It’s still small, but has this amazing energy and potential to grow out into a people-owned social network with clear and transparant rules, and no monitization model that leads to perverse treatment of their users.

Just my $0.02 :slight_smile:


Interesting, never heard of Peertube. At one level I can see how it would be great to say be able to pull up a Blender Peertube and view/search through a whole collection of videos, made by a range of people, knowing that it’s all related to Blender.

Even just being able to hit the ‘home page’ and see a list/thumbnails of any videos added since you last visited. Maybe even filters for latest version or various topics, etc.

Of course then we have the problem that such a ‘platform’ needs to exists using Peertube, which in turn results in the even bigger issue, video is a massive leap in both storage and a titanic leap in data bandwidth usage and the need to provide a steady stream of data that almost no one will do it and if they do, there’s a good chance it won’t last.

I’d personally would have loved to setup my own little site, configure it how I wanted, etc but once you factor in hosting costs, bandwidth, software install/maintenance, security, etc and then wonder will it still all be there in 5, 10, 20+ years time.

On the other hand, I can be pretty sure Youtube isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it costs me nothing and I basically have unlimited storage/bandwidth resources, with the chance to actually make a little money from it in time, maybe.

Sure, its a bit of a devil, but at least it’s the devil I know.

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I don’t know about Peertube, if I see correct, is something like a video-link repository where you jump from website to website. This is not quite handy, it seems like the 90s internet when “web-portals” where the norm. :slight_smile: I mean it works, but is not user-friendly compared to what we are used to today.

I have so far good opinion about “odysee” only for the most important reason, that it is a much simpler and lightweight approach than Youtube. You just create a profile, upload content, have simple things to do.

With Youtube you get far more complexity, and you have to link everything to you Google account and you carry lot of baggage. With youtube + search engine profile + adwords + analytics + google account + etc etc…

With Odysee you can get a far simpler approach, though it goes without saying that by user visitors and statistics, someone can’t turn the night into day. Is a good alternative choice if you don’t care about visibility and monetization, you are just a simple indie producer that wants to hang out with online friends and such. :slight_smile: