How many of you ever used this button?

I’m thinking if no one is using it, how about change it into “hide the header entirely”? I think this is very useful if you split a reference perspective 3d view and work in a ortho view, because you don’t need so many “3d view” panel headers. Especially for a poor blenderer that works with a small screen like me.

I imagine people use this button all the time for when they need the header to be slightly less useful… but still take up space

BTW you can already hide the header by dragging it down

I use it while animating. I have a fairly small monitor so with several split windows it’s easier to reach the copy - paste buttons. That said, I wouldn’t really care if it was removed or whatever, since you can just horizontally scroll the header too.

You can just hide the header by dragging down its top edge, maybe that hasn’t occured to you.

I use it quite often, just like the interface clear and minimal. :slight_smile:

also as xrg points out sometimes a view might be smaller so that you can’t reach the last buttons in the row.

Thanks for the tip. But I still think it can be replaced by a more meaningful space-saving function. For example, open a tray where you can drag in some buttons or menu items you don’t need in the header.

I use it as well, but not so often.
Anyway, I like it

Best regards