how many of you here are purchasing the Sintel Durian Animation DVD?

I am.

I’m trying to set up my paypal account… btw is it too late to have my name listed on the credits?

Yes and No

anyone else?

I ordered mine long time ago. I just saw that my order on the webshop site is marked as “shipped” although i don’t see any announcements aout the DVD being completed on the durian blog…

can’t wait for the dvd to arrive…

Ordered mine at the beginning as well. Was at the pre premier too, high pitched voice it was awesome

Month: you were at the premiere? awesome! wish I could have gone there…

I would love to order, I wanted to order I even created an account put it into my shopping cart but sadly I stumbled on this last bit; Pay-pal is a no go for me its a real pity because that ordering info says you can order by credit card (which I assumed) but you can’t really you have to still go through pay-pal even with one.

@tyrant monkey… Pay pal is free to set up. just sayin… :slight_smile:

well, I plan on ordering it soon-ish…does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:

make it fast. :slight_smile:

@TyrantMonkey: maybe it depends on where you live, but I can pay using my bank account instead of credit/debit card on through PayPal.


it is free but that don’t make it legal to use in all countries; i heard one bank here allows transfers but that ain’t my bank

I ordered it in the special preorder credits time, cant wait to get it.
Check out how many people got their names in the credits, that will give u an idea of how many keen people there were back then, Im sure there have been many many more orders since then, and will be a lot more once the Animation is released worldwide.


@tyrant monkey ah…ok.

I hope some of you people could see my name on the credits hehe…